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07/21/2002_Secret System Hides Concerns on S.C. Veterinary Care, The State

07/26/2002: Veterinarian Suspended For One Year, The State

06/02/2004: Senator Blocking Bill to Regulate Veterinarians, The State

07/23/2004: Veterinarian Retires After Complaints, The State

07/24/2004: Veterinarian Agrees To Stop Practicing, The Post and Courier

08/01/2004: Malpractice Disclosure Triggers Standoff, DVM News Magazine

08/04/2004: Vet’s Retirement Doesn’t Diminish Need for Reform, The State

03/20/2005: A Citizen’s Important FOI Fight, The Post and Courier

04/17/2005: S.C. Vets Want Complaints to be Private, The State

05/10/2005: Pass Open Records Changes, The Post and Courier

05/30/2005: Bills to Give Public Notice Face Tough Road, The State

06/01/2005: S.C. Ponders Semi-Public Discipline Hearings, DVM News Magazine

08/16/2005: Ten Things Your Veterinarian Won’t Tell You, Smart Money Magazine

02/05/2006: Owner Wants Vets’ Mistakes Made Public, The Post and Courier

03/01/2006: S.C. DVM’s Eager For Practice Act Passage, DVM News Magazine

06/25/2006: Stamina Wins One Sunshine Fight, The Post and Courier

07/2006: S.C. Ushers in Open Access, DVM News Magazine

08/10/2006: Another Bastion of Secrecy Falls, The State

11/01/2007: Proposed Amendment Aimed at a Few Bad Apples, DVM News Magazine

11/01/2007: A Consumer Claims Victory in S.C., DVM News Magazine

05/2009: Veterinary Malpractice, Low Country Dog Magazine